Salemi, Italy

A Historic Sicilian Hill Town.

Salemi is a quaint hilltop village located in the western Sicilian province of Trepana. But more than that, the town has a distinguished historical pedigree, with occupation levels ranging from the late Bronze Age and early Iron Age through Byzantine and Middle Ages. Occupants have included early native Sicilian populations, Arab Moors, Normans, and a Jesuit church and college. In addition, the town is very near many of the major Greek archaeological sites, including Selinunte and Agrigento. Salemi also holds a place of importance in modern Italian history as well. It was at Salemi, in fact, that the revolutionary general Giuseppe Garibaldi, as part of the reunification or "Risorgimento" of Italy, declared the annexation of Sicily in the name of King Victor Emmanuel II in 1860.

Salemi, Sicily (Italy)

Salemi, Sicily (Italy)

Today, the town is a unique blend of ancient and modern. There is a Norman castle, a museum located in the Jesuit college, and an 18th century church, among other buildings. In addition, Salemi has made recent news in no small part through the efforts of its recently elected mayor, Vittorio Sgarbi, himself a highly successful art historian, television personality, and politician. In particular, Sgarbi made a splash with his recent proposal intended to foster a renewal of the historic city center, damaged by an earthquake in 1968. According to this plan, Sgarbi has announced the intention to sell damaged homes at the price of one euro, with the provision that buyers must agree to renovate the buildings within two years and using local labor. The plan has captured the attention of numerous publications, including Newsweek, Fox News, The Guardian, and others.

FIMA has presented a proposal to the city council of Salemi for a unique development project designed to further the aims of the council and take advantage of the unique strengths of the Company. At the present time, FIMA is still in the initial stages of discussion, and therefore cannot reveal the specific details of the proposal, but the Company is very optimistic that it will be able to reach an agreement with the town council of Salemi, and further expand its portfolio of international development projects.